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Please note that your card will not be charged. The next step will give you the opportunity to review your order before it is placed.

  • You will not be charged when placing your order. A member of staff will review and confirm your order after it has been placed.
  • Once your order has been confirmed, you will be charged for the minimum amount. This charge typically includes any delivery costs, plus the cost of the first period.
  • Since your hire is open ended, you will also be charged weekly until your hire concludes. These weekly charges will begin on (for the second hire period) and continue until the hire is completed.
  • When you would like to end your hire, simply get in touch and we will make arrangements for the collection of the goods.
  • Most hires are collected from the same location as they are delivered. For this reason, we automatically include the collection costs based on your chosen delivery location. This means you won't have any additional charges at the end of your hire. If you request collection from a different location, the final invoice will be updated if necessary.
  • If you have any questions about our service or about hire in general, please get in touch! You can call us on 0333 444 3034, or send a direct email to us at service@carrycall.uk.

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Hire End to be arranged at a later date

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Hire Terms and Conditions
  • ENdynamics Ltd has the right to terminate the contract at any time and for any reason.
  • The equipment shall remain the property of ENdynamics Ltd at all times.
  • The equipment shall not be used by persons who do not have permission of ENdynamics Ltd and only be used by the person(s) named in the Agreement, and only for the purpose of personal transport.
  • The Customer assumes all responsibility for the safe operation of the equipment and use the equipment as directed by ENdynamics Ltd including: a. Not exceeding the weight limit specified for the equipment b. Not carrying any person in the wheelchair other than the designated user.
  • ENdynamics Ltd will not be liable for any damage or loss incurred during the rental of this equipment and the Customer indemnifies ENdynamics Ltd against all such loss or damage.
  • The Customer agrees to pay for any damage or loss to the equipment during the period of hire including all parts, labour, delivery, collection, postage and packaging and not conduct any repairs to the equipment without the express permission of ENdynamics Ltd
  • The Customer agrees ENdynamics Ltd accept no liability under any circumstances for any inconvenience, injury, loss of profit, business or production or any similar or other loss whether direct, indirect or consequential howsoever caused.
  • Equipment must not be taken outside the UK without permission of ENdynamics Ltd.
  • The equipment must be returned clean, tidy and in the condition specified at the time of rental, fair wear and tear accepted, else a minimum £35.00 cleaning charge will apply.
  • The Customer agrees to allow access for service and maintenance as required.
  • Upon breach of this contract the equipment will be surrendered to ENdynamics Ltd. Failure to do so will result in normal rental charges being incurred plus any costs in the recovery of the equipment.
  • The Customer agrees to make Payments according to the agreed Schedule.
  • The Customer accepts to pay charges incurred by ENdynamics Ltd for missed payments plus any late payment or debt recovery costs - including 'Overdue' Statement Cost @ £12.00 each.
  • The Customer accepts ENdynamics Ltd does not offer clinical or postural advice.
  • The Customer agrees to pay an additional £10.00 for missed delivery or collections.

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Please note that this is not an order confirmation. All orders are confirmed manually by a member of staff.

  • What happens now?

    A member of staff will review your order to ensure it can be fulfilled. If necessary, they will contact you using the information you have provided to discuss any changes which may need to be made to your order. They will then confirm your order. Please note that this can take some time if your booking is placed outside working hours or during particularly busy times. If you need confirmation urgently, please feel free to get in touch!

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