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Bariatric Powerchair
Bariatric Powerchair
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Powerchair, Bariatric

Pricing Details
Returnable Deposit£150.00
Estimated Delivery/Collection£25.00 each way
Periods 1 - 12£120.00 per 2 weeks
Periods 13 - 38£100.00 per 2 weeks
Period  39 - £75.00 per 2 weeks

Bariatric sized powerchairs

Robust electric powered wheelchairs designed for the larger sized user.

Heavy-duty construction with upgraded motors maximum durability. Solid sprung and fitted with anti-tip features.

Simple and easy to use with adjustable comfort seating.

The powerchair has superb maneuverability with a impressive compact turning radius from a super stable platform.

Both very reliable and safe to use.


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