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What is a Crash Tested Wheelchair?

What is a 'Crash Tested' Wheelchair ?

A common Crash Tested symbol

If a wheelchair is said to be “Crash Tested” it means the wheelchair is safe to carry an occupant inside a suitable vehicle during travel, and features anchor points that can be used to secured the wheelchair into place with straps or restraints.

A suitable vehicle is one specially adapted to carry wheelchairs and powerchairs and built to specific regulations. The regulations cover securing the wheelchair to the vehicle using specific safety restraints and fixing points.Public transport may not require fixation points, but can require the item to be located in a designated safe area.

The Crash Test is a destructive process and identifies products that meet certain high standards in terms of strength and retaining shape integrity.

Wheelchairs that have been specially tested and approved for secure use within a suitable vehicle will be marked clearly by anchor symbols featured on the wheelchair frame.

Not all wheelchairs are crash tested.

It is important to note a wheelchair lap belt is not a suitable seatbelt for use in a vehicle - most good taxi drivers and travel assistance advisors will be aware of this.

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